Review Access Controls

LightTag enables you to define who can review which dataset through two mechanism, roles and teams.


Managers And Reviewer

LightTag has three roles, Managers, Annotators and Reviewers.

  • Annotators can only annotate data

  • Managers Can annotate, manage the entire project and review any dataset

  • Reviewers Can annotate and review a dataset their team is assigned to

Assigning The Reviewer Role to a User in the UI

To assign the user role to an annotator in the UI, go to settings, then annotators and toggle the Reviewer role on the relevant user.


Reviewing Teams

Roles control who may review. Teams control what a reviewer can review.

Each Dataset has a reviewing team assigned to it. Only reviewers who are on that team may review that dataset.

A users permission to review a particular dataset is shown in the pending review table and is indicated by an open or closed lock.


Assigning A Reviewing Team to A Dataset in the UI

By default, the reviewing team for a Dataset is the Everyone team. That means that by default, any reviewer can review a dataset. To change the reviewing team of a dataset * Go to settings * You’ll be taken to the Datasets table * Modify the reviewing team