Suggestions, Pre-annotations and Model Analytics

With LightTag you can upload existing annotations, the output of your models and dictionaries. You can use these in two ways either

  1. As Pre-annotations to help your team work faster

  2. To review and compare multiple models and refine their outputs.

Key Concepts

Suggestions Belong to a SuggestionModel

Suggestions are associated with a SuggestionModel that you register in LightTag. Each model can suggest concepts from the Schema it is associated with.

SuggestionModels Belong to a Schema

For example, if you have a Schema with the Tags Person,Place and Org, you can register a Model to that Schema and it can suggest any of those tags.

Testaments - Saying that a model has nothing to say

Sometimes your models will have no output about a peice of text (an example). To provide accurate analytics, LightTag let’s you record ocourences where a model had not outputs. We call these records a Testament, that is the model attests to having viewed the example.


You can add as many suggestions as you wish, and as many SuggestionModels as you’d like. The only constraints are that 1. A model may only suggest tags from the Schema it is associated with 2. A model can’t output overlapping suggestions.